Strategic Financial Advice to Develop Your Business

I am an experienced FD with 15 years on the boards of start ups, joint ventures and multi-nationals. I have worked through a wide range of difficult and challenging situations that qualify me to be a sounding board and sometimes even a coach to the MD or Owner of a business.


In the current climate most companies need to find cost savings and cash from working capital. I can help you find and land these essential improvements that could be critical to business survival.


It is also likely that businesses will need to be restructured and reshaped to survive or grow. I have lots of experience in leading companies through change – both downsizing and significant growth following merger and acquisition or new product launches.

I’m confident I will turn up some opportunities in your business. So if you think I can help, then here’s the deal…….

  • Free one hour meeting to discuss your current opportunities and ambitions.
  • During this meeting we can agree “next steps” which might include a business review.
  • Then we can decide whether or not I can help improve the business on a project, or on an on-going basis.

Contact Details

Please call me on 07876 743250 or send an e-mail to