Corporate Experience - Summary

Specific, relevant corporate experience  :-

  • I have raised money for 7 start-up companies, I have led two significant (£80m) re-financing projects and I’ve worked through a heavy leveraged situation. I was a founder member of the new business incubator set up by What If Innovation – the leading UK creative agency.
  • I can drive operations – by clarifying responsibility, restructuring and putting in place the required daily, weekly and monthly tracking of key metrics for a business. I can also coach and train the finance team and directors.
  • I have squeezed cash out of all areas of Working Capital. In a recent project I drove inventory down by £2m (13%). I have also ensured tight control over cash in tough situations. 
  • I have a strong network of relationships especially in consumer goods; retail; logistics and marketing services. I also have a network of professional advisors through accounting, audit, tax, legal, IP protection, restructuring and M&A.
  • Business Plan / Financial Plan – are you innovating enough to survive or grow? I’ve experience of transformational growth via M&A and major organic growth via significant diversification and also of competitive benchmarking – all useful.
  • Budget preparation for business and / or banking purposes. Setting the right targets is important internally and key to improving banking relationships. I have 25 years experience of budgeting.
  • Cost savings – I have initiated savings in overheads; products and supply chain.

Contact Details

Please call me on 07876 743250 or send an e-mail to