Case Studies

Synergis Marketing Limited

Synergis Marketing

Work done

Developed growth strategies; restructured share capital; helped recruit junior partner; delivered leads into new client via my network to develop new business and diversify client base. Prepare 2010 budget and revamp monthly reporting. Preparation and pre-work for discussions with two M&A targets.


The business is entering quarter two 2010 with stronger team and much stronger diversified business after a significant client cut back business in mid 2009.


David has proved to be a great sounding board over the years. In the past he gave some sound advice as I went through an exit with my previous business four years ago. At the moment, David is helping me develop my business plan for 2010 and beyond and also giving valuable input to some current business opportunities. He has a great ability to keep things simple and always see the big picture. He is extremely commercial in his outlook and an excellent strategist. I have no hesitation in recommending him as part of my network.”

Testimonial from MD Russell Abbott – LinkedIn October 2009




Work done

Revised start of year budget ensuring real ownership by the MD with coaching to develop his understanding. I have delivered insights into income generation, staff motivation and key cost drivers.


Business is tracking to 50% increase in profit this financial year.


“David quickly grasped the key issues and most important drivers of my business. I worked closely with him to re-set the budget for the year and value really was added by ensuring I had a good understanding of the key assumptions and I was surprised how quickly I could impact them. David has also helped me think about how to develop the business by using promotions and developing our contact database to generate more sales and cash. With David, I got the expected financial advice and improved financial reporting but the business insights were an unexpected bonus.”

Testimonial from MD, David Bell